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Reconciling Faith by Reverend Larry

In keeping up with social media, watching television, and seeing the news, I have noticed that many people are having a hard time reconciling their faith in the current social and political climate. Recently one gospel music singer made headlines for a political choice she made based on her faith, church leaders are having to decide where they stand and why. It seems that never has there been such a time in which religious people, in particularly Christians, have had to determine where they…


One of Shakespeare’s most famous quote is found in Romeo and Juliet, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” This quote, in reality, actually states something that many people would agree is true. The name we gives to things is just a name, and doesn’t constitute the essence of what something is or isn’t. Call an apple a tree and, a tree a seed, and a seed an apple…

6 Questions with Reverend Lawrence

Who is God? Reverend Lawrence: God is. God is EVERYTHING. There isn’t anything or anyone that does not have properties of God. I cannot even begin to describe from my human perspective the TRUE essence of God. God is when you bite into warm cookie right out of the oven. Good is a smile from a baby. God is that feeling you get when you get an unexpected and good surprise. God is EVERYTHING. God is the underlying force that has…

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